Corporate History

Domestic Business

09/1960 Established Okada Rock Drill, Co. in Higashi-ku, Osaka and began sales, repair and assembly of pneumatic breakers and other construction machines.
04/1962 Opened the Ogaki branch in Ogaki city, Gifu prefecture.
07/1968 Opened the Tokyo branch in Kita ward, Tokyo.
03/1969 Established the Shigino plant in Joto ward, Osaka city.
02/1972 Opened the Sendai branch in Sendai City, Miyagi prefecture.
02/1973 Established the Higashi Osaka plant in Osaka ward, Osaka prefecture and relocated the Shigino plant.
04/1977 Launched hydraulic breakers on the market.
03/1978 Opened the Nagoya branch in Nishi ward, Nagoya city.
05/1980 Relocated the Tokyo branch (currently Tokyo headquarters) to Itabashi ward, Tokyo.
09/1980 Opened the Morioka branch in Morioka city, Iwate prefecture.
03/1983 Opened the Kanazawa branch in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa prefecture.
09/1983 Changed the company name to OKADA AIYON CORPORATION.
03/1986 Opened the Kyushu branch in Hakata ward, Fukuoka City.
09/1986 Relocated the Morioka branch to Tonan village, Tsukuba district, Iwate prefecture.
11/1986 Opened the Chubu branch in Ogaki City, Gifu prefecture and integrated the Ogaki branch and Nagoya branch.
02/1987 Integrated the head office and Higashi Osaka plant and relocated the head office to Minato ward, Osaka City.
10/1987 Started manufacturing and launched sales of Kowarikun, which is a new line of hydraulic breakers.
04/1988 Relocated the Kyushu branch to Onojo City, Fukuoka prefecture.
04/1989 Opened the Sapporo office in Nishi ward, Sapporo City.
04/1990 Changed the name of Kanazawa branch to Hokuriku branch.
07/1990 Opened the Hiroshima office in Asaminami ward, Hiroshima City.
04/1992 Promoted the Sapporo office to a branch.
08/1992 Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
04/1993 Promoted the Hiroshima office to a branch.
04/1996 Opened the Yokohama branch in Tsuzuki ward, Yokohama City.
04/1997 Opened the Shikoku branch in Matsuyama City, Ehime prefecture.
05/1999 Established AMC Co., Ltd. (affiliated company).
04/2001 Integrated the Kansai branch into the Osaka head office.
02/2002 Established AIYON TECH. CO., LTD. and started manufacturing the TS-W series.
07/2003 Acquired additional stock of AMC Co., Ltd. (affiliated company) to make it a subsidiary. Integrated the Hiroshima branch into the Kansai branch.
10/2003 Merged with AMC Co., Ltd. (subsidiary).
10/2005 Relocated and newly established AIYON TECH. CO., LTD. (subsidiary) to Asaka City, Saitama prefecture.
04/2007 Opened an office in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima prefecture.
10/2007 Relocated and newly established the Kyushu branch in Onojo City, Fukuoka prefecture.
01/2008 Relocated and newly established the Morioka branch in Yahabacho, Shiwa district, Iwate prefecture.
01/2011 Officially registered the TOP New S series in NETIS of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
04/2011 Integrated the Yokohama branch in Tsuzuki ward, Yokohama City into the Tokyo head office.
05/2012 Relocated and newly established the Hiroshima branch in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima prefecture.
07/2013 Listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
04/2015 Opened the Yokohama branch in Tsuzuki ward, Yokohama City.
08/2015 Opened the Tokyo office in Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda ward.
03/2016 Moved to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
10/2016 Relocated and newly established the Hokuriku branch in Senkoujimachi, Kanazawa City.
10/2017 The Nansei Machine Co.,Ltd., Nansei Wintech Co.,Ltd., and Akatsuki Kikou Co., Ltd. became group companies.
04/2019 The three companies, The Nansei Machine Co.,Ltd., Nansei Wintech Co.,Ltd., and Akatsuki Kikou Co., Ltd. were integrated.
11/2019 Relocated and newly established the Shikoku branch in Iyogun, Ehime prefecture.
10/2020 Relocated and renamed as Shonan branch in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa prefecture.

Overseas Business

04/1993 Separated the Osaka head office overseas business section to establish an overseas office.
09/1996 Established BOA, INC. as an affiliate.
12/2002 Additionally acquired stock of the affiliated company BOA, INC. to make it a subsidiary (currently OKADA America, Inc.).
01/2016 Opened the OKADA America, Inc. Texas branch.
08/2017 Established a European office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
06/2019 Established a Thailand representative office in Ayutthaya Province, Thailand.