Corporate Code of Conduct

Okada Aiyon Corporation Code of Conduct

  1. Safety and health first
    We strive to create a work environment in which employee health and safety is the first priority, and at the same time provide safe and environmentally-friendly products to customers.
  2. Compliance with laws and regulations
    Both in our business activities and personal life, we have high moral standards, comply with laws, regulations and social norms, and always act honestly and with integrity.
  3. Building trust with stakeholders
    We make clear our responsibilities to our individual stakeholders, and build strong relationships with them through beneficial communication.
  4. Efforts for environmental preservation
    For both a prosperous society and environmental conservation, we pay attention to the environment throughout our business activities and strive to provide environmentally-friendly products.
  5. Exclusion of antisocial forces
    In accordance with laws and regulations, and the principle of exclusion of antisocial forces, we never commit antisocial acts, respond in a resolute manner against unreasonable requests by antisocial elements, and cut ourselves off from any and all associations with antisocial forces.
  6. Product development anticipating need
    With creativity, originality, and a prompt response, we will develop products that anticipate customer needs.
  7. Free, open-hearted and challenging corporate culture
    We respect each employee’s individuality and create a corporate culture in which employees proactively challenge new approaches.

Ten Employee Behavior Rules

Ten Employee Behavior Rules of Okada Aiyon Corporation

  1. Be valuable to society through work and customers
    “The company prospers because customers exist, the department prospers because the company exists, and individuals prosper because the department exists”
  2. Greet with a bright smile and clear voice
    “Create a vibrant and lively working environment”
  3. Establish a safe and clean workplace that is well organized, tidy, and cleaned
    “Your workplace is your home and your own room”
  4. Proactive approach and positive thinking
    “Study every day, challenge every day”
  5. Always be ahead of the times, work promptly and reliably
    “Antenna up”, “Course of action”, “Deadline management”
  6. Treat people with respect and courtesy
    “Strong bonds come from compassion and gratitude”
    With creativity, originality, and a prompt response, we develop products that anticipate customer needs.
  7. Three rules of reporting
    “①Report negative things as soon as possible ②Keep the lines of communication open at all times ③Report accurately”
  8. Maintain compliance and keep promises
    “Credence, trust, and sincerity are the basic tenets of business”
  9. Mixing of business with personal affairs, lying, and cheating is never allowed
    “Credence, trust, and sincerity are the basic tenets of a person”
  10. Aim high and let’s have big dreams in both work and life
    “Foster the best corporate culture by the best employees”