Access to the Head Office

From the Bentencho station of JR Osaka Loop Line or Osaka Metro (formerly Osaka Municipal Subway) Chuo Line, take the Osaka City bus (formerly the Osaka Municipal bus) line 51 for Tempozan via Daisan Totteimae, and get off at Daisan Totteimae.

Details from Bentencho to the company

1.From the Bentencho Ekimae bus stop, take bus line 51 for Tempozan.

[From Bentencho station of the JR Osaka Loop Line to the bus stop]

・ Take the south exit, then go down the stairs and to the right at the end.
・There is an entrance to the underpass in front of you.
・Enter the underpass, curve left and then go straight.
・At the end go up the stairs to the left and proceed to ground level.
・The Bentencho Ekimae bus stop is about 40 meters ahead to the right.

[From Osaka Metro (formerly Osaka Municipal Subway) Chuo Line Bentencho Station to the bus stop]
• The Bentencho Ekimae bus stop is in front of the 2-B exit stairs.

2.From Daisan Totteimae to the company

Get off at the Daisan Totteimae bus stop. The Blue building ahead is our company.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. 06-6576-1281 (General Affairs Department)